250 Rounds of 12ga Ammo by Federal – 1 ounce Rifled Slug


    Ammo Overview

    Quantity – 5 rounds per box; 50 boxes per case
    Manufacturer – Federal Premium
    Load – 2-3/4″ 1 oz. Truball hollow point (HP) rifled slug
    Model – PB127 RS


    This 12 gauge rifled slug ammo from Federal is part of Federal’s Vital Shok line and is the perfect choice if you are looking for ammo take take down that trophy buck. The reason why this round is so effective is because of Federal’s patented TruBall rifled slug system. Each round features a plastic ball between the wad and the slug that keeps the slug centered in a smoothbore and increases accuracy. Federal claims that the round is capable of shooting 1.4-inch groups at 50 yards, which is performance that is typically only available with sabot slugs.

    Each of these rounds features a 1 oz rifled hollow point slug loaded in a 2-3/4″ shell. Pick up a 250 round case of this Federal ammo so you have some shells to practice with before you go out on a hunt!


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